I m loosing my weight very fast. and her diets are superb. you don't feel hungry. she giving good diet to eat and still i m loosing my weight. isn't it awesome.

Aadhya Sharma

Dr. Sugeeta is very competent Doctor. She has a deep knowledge of her subject. She asks questions regarding your lifestyle and explains her diet program in depth. Her diets are easy to follow and do not feel as if you are starving yourself. She gives you a variety in her diet and also factors your preferences. By following her diet, I have lost 17 kgs and never felt better about myself. She has not only helped me lose weight, she has transformed my personality by making me more confident and outgoing. She has s always available to answer any question that you may have. She will always guide you and provide you with inspiration to continue with the diet. She genuinely cares for the well being of her clients and always provides with great results. She is a very gifted dietician who not only helps in reducing weight but also improve the quality of your life. I feel more energetic and happy. Her diets also focus on reducing lifestyle induced diseases like Blood Pressure, Diabetes, PCOD (in women) etc. I would suggest that everybody should visit with her and put your faith in her diets. This diet will definitely benefit you and open up greater possibilities for you. Her diets will affect every aspect of your life. I feel like a completely different person. She is a God send for me. more..or less !!!

Sugeeta's simple diets are simple to follow. She just tweaks your food habits so that you lead a healthier life style. Her hands on approach ensures that she is part of this journey every step of the way. She explains why certain foods are not good for you and helps you adapt to better eating habits. She has been a miracle worker and I get all the compliments!!! Thank you Sugeeta..!

Aditi Bhardwaj

She is a magician..i luv u..she is very polite and u can call her any time..she came as an angel to me..


Very nice doctor. Had very good experience. Was trying from many months ,was unable to shed weight because of my hectic schedule. But her diet plans really helped me. All you need to do is control your taste buds and just follow her diet plans sincerely. No need of gyming or heavy exercise. Friends my advice please don`t go to any slimming centres ,they are all useless , rather come to her, you will benefit.


Dr. Sugeeta is very understanding and result oriented dietician. Diets suggested are based on home food only. No crash diets involved. Sometimes restaurant food is allowed as well :-)


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