Dr Sugeeta Mutreja is a distinguished Indian diet and nutrition specialist with over 10 years of experience in providing health care services. Besides being an eminent name in the field of diet and nutrition, Dr. Sugeeta brings with her vast knowledge in Indian Ayurvedic medicine which is the oldest medicine system in the world. Her experience in providing diet based solutions has been instrumental in guiding healthy lifestyles to a large number of clients not only in India but in USA, UK and Australia also. Her scientific and ayurvedic diet based treatment obviates the need for taking medicines with probable side-effects. 

Dr. Sugeeta has earned her name especially in dealing with patients suffering from diabetes and chronic diseases. She also specializes in providing diets to children, working professionals and expecting mothers. 

Dr. Sugeeta has been an eminent speaker in various health related workshops and conferences, advocating use of healthy means to maintaining good lifestyle. She has been promoting lifestyle programs for health and wellness at various events in educational institutes, clubs and corporate houses. 

She has been associated with some of the established health and nutrition organisations in the country. Her clientele include some of the known personalities from the Indian corporate sector and renowned business and elite families. Her client base is spread across country with clients from outside India also seeking diet solutions. 

The unique way of prescribing diet as per body prakriti/metabolism leads to maximum health and vitality. Her holistic approach to providing health solutions brings improvement in body and mind. The ingredients used in diet programs are mostly derived easily accessible food items which are found in your home itself. Her treatment style has been effective in controlling many chronic or long standing health issues like Diabetes, Cholestrol  , Thyroid and PCOD. The treatment can bring about wellness to the entire body and will be in effect for a longer period of time than that of other prevalent treatments. Besides providing treatment to immediate health issues, she also provides consultation on how to keep away from diseases by means of simple and easy dietary and lifestyle changes.

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